About the Artist 

   I am an animal and nature lover in every aspect, and when I began painting, it was just a natural instinct for me to create nature paintings engaging wild animals and scenic landscapes into my compositions.

   The beautiful scenery and variety of wildlife where I live in Northern Ontario inspires and provides me with a wealth of references for my nature paintings. My finely detailed acrylic nature paintings expose my heart to the world; true reflections of my love for all animals and nature.

   There are always new and interesting sights in nature if you train yourself to observe your surroundings. Many times I get an idea for a nature painting when I'm out on an excursion, and something will catch my eye. I will take a photo or write down notes so I can later interpret these ideas into a painting composition. I will sketch the idea on paper, setting the foundation for what and where I want the main focus to be. Then I will decide what other important elements I'll include in my painting. Before I begin painting, I must also consider a few other principal factors, including the time of day, which in turn affects the lighting, mood and colours in a painting. When I'm satisfied with the way my sketch appears, I look for various reference photos which I specifically select that will assist my efforts in staying true to realistic colors and lighting found in nature.

   I begin my nature paintings with the base colours of the background, such as the sky and elements farthest away in a scene. This sets the mood, colours and lighting that I incorporate throughout the rest of the painting. I gradually work towards the foreground of a painting, in which I most often place the main focal point.

   My artistic family background, my love for nature and the wonderful nature paintings of Ken Danby, an award winning Canadian artist from my hometown, who tragically passed away in 2007, all influence me in creating my own realistic, finely detailed style of nature paintings. 

   I know that I will enjoy nature and creating art for as long as I can see, and my hands can hold a paintbrush. 

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