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Nature Paintings

     I am a Canadian artist, featuring realistic Wildlife and Landscape paintings of North America. I live in a beautiful remote region of Northern Ontario, near Lake Superior with its stunning scenery and wildlife.

   Being an artist specializing in painting scenes of nature has increased my awareness in truly seeing the wonders and beauty found in nature. You can see in them, that each painting is a reflection of my experiences and I take such pleasure in being able to reproduce and preserve each unique scene and situation on canvas. Often I'll come across a scene that catches my eye, giving me an idea and inspiration for a painting for you to enjoy. I try to capture the very nature and essence of the subjects when painting wildlife or a landscape. I strive to work towards having you, the viewer, feel like you are there in person seeing it in real life. I hope my paintings bring back a memory of an animal in the wild, or a special place that you once saw or hoped to see. North America is truly a wonderful place to experience the beauty of nature.

Nature Paintings

     Nature paintings aren't trendy or fashionable, so they will always suit your decor. Simply put, my realistic paintings represent the world of living things, being outdoors in nature.  Each time you look at my wildlife and landscape paintings, they are a calming influence in your active lifestyle, presenting to you an element of beauty and interest to your walls. My nature paintings are suitable decor for your home, cottage or place of business. Nature paintings are also a perfect choice of decor in remote hunting and fishing outfitter's cabins and your guests will enjoy being able to view them up close.

Nature Paintings

   When considering the purchase of one of my original nature paintings, you can rest assured that you will be making a valuable investment in a unique, one of a kind piece of art. Only you will be the owner of this original realistic wildlife or landscape nature painting, and you will never be able to buy one exactly like it again. 

   Colours and style have a lot to do with your decisions when making a purchase. When you purchase one of my nature paintings, it reflects as much about who you are, as it does about me, the artist who created it. Your choice reflects various personality traits of yourself, and I am guessing that you are a nature and animal lover like me.

   For whatever reason you choose to buy one of my nature and wildlife paintings, it is worth your investment when viewing it gives you a special feeling of enjoyment. You can rest assured in knowing that you can continue to enjoy owning an original, or print, for years to come.


I hope that a purchase of my realistic landscapes and wildlife paintings will always be a pleasure for you to rest your eyes upon, that you will be proud to own it. It will be an everlasting keepsake for you to pass on through future generations.

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