Wildlife Paintings

Pine Martin
Ruffed Grouse
River Otters

   My wildlife paintings present you with intimate scenes of wildlife in nature that you might never have the opportunity to see in person. When painting wildlife into one of my nature scenes, I don't just paint a portrait of an animal. I get so much pleasure watching wildlife in person, and consider what kind of similar scene I'd paint them into. I always like to integrate my wildlife subjects into compositions involving them directly within their natural habitat. Painting wildlife using my finely detailed brush strokes, I strive to make you feel like you are viewing the wildlife as if you are seeing them in that location, in person.   

Moose painting
Black Bear family
Close up of a Common Loon


 If you enjoy nature and wildlife like I do, I'm sure you will appreciate the realistic details of the animals and scenery that I have painted into these wildlife scenes.


Pine Martin, On the Prowl


Pine martin hunting

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Otter Family, Morning Excursion


Otters fishing on a river

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 White Tailed Deer, Mother and Fawns


White tailed deer painting

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All of my acrylic paintings are on stretched quality canvas and are sealed three times for protection.

Note: The photos of these paintings were taken in daylight (no flash), but may not show true colours due to monitor settings.

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